Live and Let Live

Hello my lovely and loyal readers! 

I set myself a goal of posting a blog once a week. So far, I am failing miserably at it. But! In my defense… I have a terrible memory. And I’ve had a lot going on recently. Never fear, however! I’ve been composing this particular piece of writing for quite some time now. 

The good news about my job is I am allowed quite a bit of free time. Some of that is spent reading, other times I’m on the phone with my other late night friends, but most of the time I’m sat in front of my computer. It’s not that I’m neglecting any of my duties… it’s just….there aren’t many. Once my certain list has been completed, or the hotel has booked up, I have naught to do. 

That being said, I’m left with a lot of time to think. This can be a good thing, or it can be a very bad thing. This week I’ve discovered something new about myself. Well, more accurately, I’ve finally accepted something about myself. I am what the world would call a “Silent Judgmental” person. What this means is simply…I may not say I’m against it, but if I am, I’m judging. 

I don’t know why. I don’t do it all the time. I don’t go around pointing to random people going “Judging you. Yup, you two. Thought you could hide? Judging you, too. And you. Judge you and your mother.” No. I don’t even know why I judge the things I do. It’s none of my business, really, and it doesn’t harm me in the least. So why care? 

Why, indeed. 

What actually started this train of thought was one night I was watching Forensic Files (or, better known around my house, the Sleep Aid (It should be noted here that my family and I adore Forensic Files, but the narrator just has one of those soothing voices)), and they were doing crash reconstruction to verify the speed at which a vehicle was traveling at the time of an accident. They were using physics that were beyond my comprehension, and all I could think was “I bet those scientists got called nerds in school, and were picked on.” 

Which then led to another thought. That’s how my brain works. Think dominoes. Or train wrecks. Just don’t use physics. 

Why do people feel the need to judge another person based on their outward appearance, their likes/dislikes, religion, sexual orientation, etc if they differ from our own views/appearance? Why is it an automatic reaction as well? 

People are judged for being smart, and they are called nerds. Yet, those “nerds” are who we rely on when our loved ones are in crashes, and we need someone to prove the cause. 

Women are judged for the simple fact of being female, yet who do most men want to sleep with, or start a family with? Who takes care of them most of time? (clearly there are exceptions to the rules here)

Men are judged for the simple fact of being male, yet who do most females want to sleep with, start a family with? Who takes care of them most of the time? (See what I did there? I’m so clever.) 

The fact is, we as a society are pressed to pass judgement on everyone around us, UNTIL the perceived “flaws” in someone else can benefit us in some way. Why is this so? Why are we programmed like this? Is this a system we’ve been brainwashed with, or is it an evolutionary thing? 

I don’t understand the need to try and force other people to change, and when they refuse, bullying them because of it. I don’t understand why everyone has to confirm to this ideal of perfect. I embrace my flaws! I love my weirdness! I’m pride myself on being strange. I pride myself on my beliefs, my orientation, and my gender (until my period comes along and then I start begging for a penis), so forth. 

Are we trying to bring people to our level because it is a way to rise above them? Are we simply threatened by other people’s differences because we are not brave enough to wear our own on our sleeves? Is it envy and jealousy? I understand being annoyed by things. My friends like things I will never like, ever, no matter how hard you try you can’t make me nee ner nee ner *inhale* and they tend to keep talking about them. Meanwhile I start judging. Why? They like something I don’t, that doesn’t make anyone inferior or superior. My likes vs. Their likes, it’s not a damn competition. 

Same thing with sexual orientation. Where I choose to put my privates is no one’s business but my own. 

Religion: What god/gods/goddesses/nada I choose to worship, is MY business, and is between me and my deity/nothing.

It goes on and on. The fact is… Instead of encouraging hatred, or trying to make everyone conform to some impossibly high standard, why don’t we try something new? Clearly hatred, bigotry, and being judgmental aren’t getting us anywhere, so let’s try something more peaceful. 

Live. And Let. Live. 

Live your own life, enjoy your day, and do not dwell on the workings of others. If they are not hurting you physically, or invading your home and hurting your family, then you have no business meddling in anyone’s life but your own. 

Live and let live.

Let that lesbian couple hold hands in public. It isn’t going to hurt anyone. 

Let that black and white couple kiss and hug their child. Does that hurt you in any way? No. 

Live and let live. 

We cannot fix the world as a whole, because no one person, group, etc is correct or perfect. Perfection is an idea, not reality. Perfection is an ideal we try to hold ourselves to, and feel defeated when we can’t stick to it. We are not meant to be perfect creations, we are meant to live life to the fullest and embrace friends or family, love them entirely despite their differences. 

We can only fix the world one person at a time, and it starts within our own hearts, and our own minds. If your soul is black, how can you judge the colorful soul of another? Worry about your own problems before you start trying to “fix” others. 


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