Rest in Peace, Robin Williams

There are thousands of articles currently in the process of going live, even as I type this. Millions of blogs, and status updates, are being posted as you read this. There is nothing special about what I have to say, nothing unique. But they are my words, and my feelings, nonetheless.

Being someone who has grown up bipolar, I understand the struggle. The pain. The constant loop between sanity and insanity. I understand making those nightmares go away, only to be chased by your own skeletons. I understand having those personal demons whispering into your ears “Just end it all”, knowing that each time the whisper grows louder and louder, and our resolve weakens.

It is a constant battle trying to make the world see, acknowledge, and understand the struggle that is being bipolar or depressed. It is dangerous, yes, especially to ourselves. Today, the Bipolar/Manic Depressive/Depressive community has suffered a very great loss.

Robin Williams was a man who inspired multiple generations with his quick wit, his sense of humor, his intelligence, and his honesty. He brought people together, and made us all feel worth something. I never met him personally. Oh, how I wish I could have. That was one thing I wanted to do in life was to meet Robin Williams, and tell him that he helped make me a little more okay with myself.

I remember hearing about when he was a child, and he would pull all of his toys out. Each one had a name, a personality, a voice. I used to do that as a kid as well. He was bipolar, and even though he struggled his entire life, he still managed to do some of the most incredible things in the world.

I’m not sure that he would think what he did was important. But it is. Laughter is an incredible medicine.

One thing I’ve noticed about people in our community is we try so hard to help one another, because it makes us feel a little bit better. Each light we make shine a little brighter, each smile we bring, makes us happy. But there is only so much help we can provide before we realize it’s just a way to ignore our own demons.

Robin Williams was an incredible man. Honestly I’m still shocked. You hear about celebrity deaths quite frequently, and most of them are hoaxes… I hoped that this was one of them. I actually cried. That is very rare for me.

My mother, father, and I used to watch Mork and Mindy when I was a kid. It was a time when we could sit down and have a bit of quality time, something that was rare for us. When my daughter started watching, it was a chance for all of us to watch and enjoy. Three generations sitting down to enjoy this man. We did the same with a number of different movies.

A lot of the times we get tired of hearing about celebrities. We don’t care about who is marrying whom, we don’t care about who is delivering a baby this week, or anything such as. But I think I can speak for many of us fans when I say…He wasn’t just a celebrity. It’s strange to say but… he almost felt like… a member of everyone’s family.

He was the man who entertained us, and our children. He was the man that made us, and our parents, laugh. He was the man who made us think, who sometimes made us all a little uncomfortable. He was the guy who made us cry. He was family.

Before I’d go, I’d like to share this picture with you. It isn’t quite the quote I wanted to share, but it will do.


Thank you, Robin Williams, for everything you’ve given us. Thank you for sharing so much of your life, your talents, with us. I wish there was more we could have done to help you, but I understand.

Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.


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