Oh, What a World We Live In

100 Writings in 100 Days

Writing #4

October 19, 2014

Keep the People Afraid

What a world we live in,

Afraid to drink from water hoses for fear of getting cancer,

We cannot turn on our televisions without seeing mass hysteria and gore.

Children cannot play outside anymore, may end up on the internet.

Parents cannot discipline their children, but are later blamed for the mistakes their kids make.

Most everything we read now, on the internet, is fake.

Media shoves inflated fear and photoshopped violence, now satire is considered credible.

And oh, to be a woman.

We are taught lies of how to protect ourselves, we cannot drink alone.

We cannot even go to the bathroom without worrying if someone will catch us.

That shadow in the alley might be our rapist, or our death.

Men have it just as hard.

A man cannot speak out without being accused of sexism,

Gone is the gentleman lifestyle, replaced with the “playas”.

When a woman hits a man, he cannot defend himself.

He is laughed at when he reaches out for help.

Mankind suffers together, yet we constantly fight.

We kill each other over gender, race, religion, and preference,

When we should be standing side by side.

Our governments lie to us, keeping us afraid so we’ll never trust another person.

Keep us dumb, keep us distracted, while they play their slight of hand.

No longer can we go out into the world and explore, make discoveries,

We’re too scared of what we’ll bring home to our families.

No one protects us, no one keeps us safe.

We live in a world where police officers are not constitutionally bound to protect us,

Yet we give them all the power to control us.

What I fear for most is not the water hose,

It isn’t the media,

It isn’t the rapist or the murderer.

I fear for our children.

We’re creating a world where manners are dead, and common sense is ashes.

We’re creating a world where our children are desensitized to violence, and think it’s funny.

We’re creating a world where moms or dads are breaking their backs and are never home,

Yet the wage brought home can hardly support anyone.

We’re creating a world where children only know one parent, and it’s become the norm,

Children are slaves to the world of technology, and have lost their imaginations.

I do not like this world we live in.


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