The Graveyard

A majority of my life I’ve heard that I’m strange for enjoying staying up all night. As I got older, I was told staying up all night was childish. Now that I’m working a graveyard shift, I often hear “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

I understand that many people who work third shift aren’t there by choice, but for the most part there is an exclusive club of us who do choose it, and mostly enjoy it. There are fewer people, less phone calls, and most of the time there’s less drama as well. I stand beside my point once made that graveyard shifts are perfect for introverts.

It annoys me, and always has, the amount of negativity associated with third shift. So before you start feeling sorry for me, or thinking I’m strange, allow me to shed some light for you.

We’re the people that help with your late night food cravings. We’re your hotel clerks who help you when you simply can’t drive any further. We’re your late night gas station attendants. We’re your 24 hour customer service representatives, road side assistance, phone operators, dispatchers, emergency teams, etc. We’re your bartenders, your hotlines, your police officers, etc. So, before you talk about how strange we night folk are, be thankful for us on your next car ride or late night trip to a hospital. Without us, your world would stop after ten PM.

Third shifters come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders. Graveyard workers tend to stick together and watch each other’s backs, a luxury we have since we eliminate some of the daytime chaos.

I’m writing this because I just got off work and I can hear the rumble of a lawnmower. But I can’t complain about it because I’m “wasting the day by sleeping.” While the world keeps spinning on its obsessive need to make the “daytime people” happy, third shifters are subjected to things like “You work at night, that means you’ve got time to do -insert task- during the day.” Or daytime phone calls. Or lawnmowers.

I wish it was okay to do these things at night to daytime people, but that’s “rude”. Not knocking the day shift, I’ve worked my fair share and you guys have your own list of problems. I’m not even saying third shifters have it the worst. We don’t.

Side note: Why is it that when I Swype “people” on my phone, it likes to input purple instead? Just curious.

Anyway. I think we just need to start betting a bit more accepting of people, no matter what shift they work or if they prefer being a night time or day time person.

I’m going to bed now. Good day!


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