What would you do if I dropped the act? Tore up my mask, stomped holes in my persona? What would you do if I showed you how I really felt, if I laid my soul bare, and forced you to accept it?
What if I shouted over your interruptions, because I finally realized my voice is as important? Instead of turning the other cheek, or waiting my turn, I lashed out in a way that’s unexpected?

What if I finally told you what’s really on my mind? Instead of this candy coated bullshit you want to hear. What if.

Would you listen, or would you run and hide cause you’re scared? Could you accept it?  Or build me a new mask to wear? Would you care, or make it all about you. Yes I know you think I’m stupid, and anything and everything I’ve been through has happened to you, too. Not only did it happen, but it was ten times worse, or better? Am I not allowed a genuine emotion?

Why must I sit silently and listen to your fairy tales, when I’ve got something important I’d like to tell. Why am I expected to give unconditional support when you never come through for me on the smallest thing?

Oh yes, I hear you. Your ego screams your name proudly from the mountain tops, but your words have the power to break others, turn into their demons. Can you not see you’re killing me? Are you truly blind, or just in denial?

If I cried on your shoulder would you turn me away, expecting me to hold you when you feel the same one day?

I’ve had enough of manipulation, I’ve ripped the wool from my eyes. My demons are my weapons, I see through your disguise. I’m writing from the heart now, can you see me bleed? Count the scars on my heart and maybe finally you’ll see, I’m growing. I’m learning. I’m changing. Ready? Enough is enough, but can you change with me? Leaving is the hardest thing I can do, but I can’t keep drowning in your ego.
I’d say I was sorry, but I’m not. Your actions pushed my hand, and like a pawn to my chess game I’m letting you get taken away from the board. My victory becomes clearer every moment you’re gone.



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