What I Learned in Preschool

Recently, my daughter graduated from preschool. The event was emotional for do many reasons, one of which included me finally having to admit that my baby was growing up quickly. My little girl walked into school terrified, and left with so many friends promising to visit her this summer. Though I knew she was off learning about the world around her, I never expected that I would be getting an education as well.

I learned it’s okay to be scared in an unknown situation, because there are always others who are just as lost.

I learned patience and time management. Well, I learned it a bit better. I’m not perfect.

I relived childhood songs, and watched my daughter explore and see the magic that was her world.

I was humbled a number of times as I sat in her class or attended field trips. These children who only knew me as my daughter’s mother soon adopted me and made me their mom, too. It was this that made me realize not every child that leaves school that day will go to a loving home. Some are ignored, some are neglected or abused. Some parents have no choice but to leave them in daycare because they are struggling to make ends meet. For just a few hours out of the day, they are at school where they are loved.

I learned I could never be a preschool teacher. I do not have the kind words, nor the patience. I also don’t have the willpower to give my heart to so many children, only to have them leave me a few months later.

I learned that children don’t see color. They just accept that kids have different color skin, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Young kids don’t care if you wear glasses or how much you weigh. Hatred doesn’t really exist.

Adults could learn a thing or two from preschool.

So many times I felt inspired and amazed, and so much of my life was put into perspective.


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