Do you want to know what I am really getting tired of? Of course you do, why else would you be reading this? I’m growing tired of the endless amounts of writing advice I’m reading online.

See, everyone seems to think they are a writing expert, and so they pour countless hours of advice into blogs, pins, newspapers, etc. And they’re all titled pretty much the same way.

“What not to do in your writing.” “How to peg yourself as an amateur writer.” “How to write a story.” “Things you’re doing wrong in your manuscript.” And that’s just what I’ve seen on Pinterest in the past hour.

Every article contradicts the other. “Use ‘said’ to avoid sounding pretentious.” “Only use ‘said’ during dialogue.” “Avoid using ‘said’ entirely, as well as the weird very, as it makes you sound lazy.”

And then people wonder why do many beautifully talented people become crippled by their own fears and never publish a word, even though they clearly deserve it. From one article to the next, we are bounced around and told what we should and shouldn’t do, and it plants the seeds of doubt. Instead of thriving in our creativity, it suddenly chokes us. We question every word we type or write until our talent has been beaten within an inch of its life.

I grow tired of this. I’m tired of these articles and their doubt provoking material. There are SO MANY great writers, painters, artists, etc out there, and they each have their own style. One is not better or worse than the others, it’s all a matter of giving it all you’ve got until YOU are happy with your masterpiece.

Many people, including myself, need only one piece of advice:


Ignore the naysayers, ignore the “Well you aren’t writing in my style so clearly you’re doing it wrong” people. Make YOURSELF HAPPY. I can’t emphasize that enough. LIVE FOR YOU AND IGNORE THOSE WHO TRY TO TAKE YOUR HAPPINESS FROM YOU.

So there ya go. A bit of writing advice that I hope actually helps. And you know what? If you don’t want to take it, then you don’t have to, because that’s what you want to do.

Just write. Write for you. Don’t listen to stupid articles that do nothing but take away your dream and cripple your progress.

Happy writing.


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